Craig G. Condon, Synergia Services, LLC

At 89, my mother was living alone in her home of 50 years when she fell in the back yard while clipping her Azaleas and broke her back! Her care had suddenly become an emergency – a situation our family was not prepared for, and the plans of discussing her later transition into assisted living just became very accelerated.

Since I was the one with the Assisted Living Care background, I quickly got to work contacting the communities I established relationships with over the years and through those connections, we were able to get our mother in a wonderful, caring and safe community. 

The stress and urgency of our situation revealed that having a compassionate and trustworthy resource to help us though this process would have been an invaluable asset. And the next realization was that my next “calling” was apparent – to assist families with navigating the complexities surrounding placing a loved one into an assisted living home. Also, through my many connections, I also found there was a need and place for me to provide consulting to those with or interested in starting an Assisted Living Care Home. 
More to come…

Craig G. Condon