Senior Services in Louisiana, Mississippi, FloridaA FREE AND PERSONALIZED SERVICE: When a Family and Medical Providers realize that a Senior can no longer live alone safely any longer, what does a family do? You may find yourself in this emotional time realizing that you are responsible for a family member or friend’s quality and length of life. But Senior Solutions helps in your time of need with caring, expert guidance, and support with this difficult process and decisions this situation poses.Our services support and are a source of referral for medical and healthcare providers for their patients and family members.

Senior Solutions expertise provides families extensive insight into the options available, so better decisions can be made for your loved one. 

Outline of the more important services offered:

  • Assessment of the Seniors and Family’s needs, conveniences and capabilities
  • Tours of selected Communities and analysis of best choices for all concerned
  • Advocated pricing, costs and care services of Providers
  • Assistance with documentation, moving and transition support

The types of communities that Senior Solutions specializes in educating and informing seniors and their family members on the differences and options pertaining to:

  • Assisted Living  
  • Memory Care 
  • Independent Living
  • Residential Care Homes  
  • Skilled Nursing
  • In-Home Care

Senior Solutions by Synergia Services, LLCHow to pay for assisted living is a very valid concern. The Synergia Team is knowledgeable about the various programs and methods that may be available to overcome the financial challenges.There is no cost to you for our Placement Services. You are always in control and make the final decision!

WHY US: We are comprised of a small team of local, professional, senior care advisors that have in depth knowledge of the Senior Care industry, particularly, in Louisiana. Our locale’s unique culture, neighborhoods, traditions, food, likes and dislikes and relationships of our people are important components in assisting our clients. National/Regional Placement (really Referral) services, simply, do not have this societal knowledge.

CONSULTING AND ADVOCACY: Many times, our families need more extensive consultation and advocacy. Examples are navigating a complex healthcare system, research, other resources such as Eldercare Attorneys, Fiduciaries, Psychologists, reporting and Geriatric Specialists. For extended services Senior Care Consulting and Advocacy charges may apply.

MISSION STATEMENT: Synergia Services, Home & Residential Care’s Mission is to maximize the quality of life of Seniors that need assistance with daily living activities and health care through our relationships with communities that offer compassionate personalized, high-quality care with dedicated ownership, management and staff providing a safe, healthy, therapeutic, and nurturing environment. It is a happy day and satisfying experience for all when the Senior is settled in their new residence safe, sound and making new friends.

YOUR NEXT STEP: For peace of mind, start the conversation by texting, calling or emailing us, today.

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