The below is a typical list from a Hospital of Discharge Planning items to consider upon being discharged from a Hospital or Skilled Nursing Facility.

Senior Solutions LA’s mission is to help you with these important considerations, decisions and implementation of the Plan.


We’re committed to helping you make a safe transition when you leave the Hospital or Skilled Nursing Facility.

Please think about: 

  • What is your plan for when you leave the Hospital/SNF?
  • What is your Care Plan from the Hospital/SNF and Doctors?
  • If you plan to return Home, how will you manage your care?
  • What help will you have at home?
  • Is your home HDCP/ADA compliant for your needs?
  • What options do you have when you leave the Hospital/SNF?
    The Case Manager/Social Worker will ask about your preferences, but choices may be limited based on your insurance/coverage, health conditions, financial capabilities, available family and friends’ aid.

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