Medicare Part A and Part B leave some pretty significant gaps in your health-care coverage. But Medicare Advantage has problems, too.
  1. Medicare Doesn’t Cover Prescription Drugs – (see the following link for how to obtain coverage)
  2. Medicare Doesn’t Cover Long-Term Care – It does not pay for you to live in Independent, Assisted Living or Memory Care communities
  3. Medicare Doesn’t Cover Deductibles and Co-Pays
  4. Medicare Doesn’t Cover Most Dental Care
  5. Medicare Doesn’t Cover Routine Vision Care
  6. Medicare Doesn’t Cover Hearing Aids
  7. Medicare Doesn’t Cover Medical Care Overseas

For a closer look at what isn’t covered by traditional Medicare, plus information about supplemental insurance policies, Medicare Advantage and strategies that can help cover the additional costs, so you don’t end up with unexpected medical bills in retirement. click here.

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