What are the Yellow Flag Warning Signs?
  • Unable to keep up with ADLs (sitting, standing, walking, transferring, dressing, toileting, eating, medications….)
  • Physical Changes (weight loss, hygiene, bruising….)
  • Changes in their Home (housekeeping, disarray….)
  • Socially isolated and withdrawn (minimal socialization, interests, hobbies giving up….)
  • Mental or Behavioral changes (memory lapses, trouble communicating….)
  • Health and Safety Are the Top Priorities
Realities: The roles of the Children and the Parent have been reversed. Conversations and Planning should be started as early as possible. Do not wait till all are in an emergency situation.
Bring in Back-Up: If not getting anywhere by yourself, ask relatives, friends, clergy, healthcare professionals/doctors, anyone else they respect to assist in convincing them it is time for a change.
Do your best to collaborate with them. But do not let them become a sad statistic.
As far as your options, a professional Placement Consultant can also be a valued asset.